Paris Agreement Countries Progress

Paris Agreement Countries Progress

The Paris Agreement, signed in 2015, is an international accord aimed at curbing global greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The agreement was a historic moment in the fight against climate change, as it brought together 196 countries from around the world to work towards a common goal.

In the years since its signing, the Paris Agreement has seen some progress, though there is still much work to be done in order to achieve its goals. Here`s a look at some of the progress that has been made by Paris Agreement countries so far:

1. Increased Renewable Energy Deployment: One of the key goals of the Paris Agreement is to increase the use of renewable energy sources. Many countries have taken significant steps towards this by increasing their renewable energy deployment. For example, in 2019, renewable energy accounted for over 72% of new power capacity additions globally.

2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions: Another goal of the Paris Agreement is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. While progress has been made, it has been slow. According to a report by the United Nations, global greenhouse gas emissions rose by 1.5% in 2017, after remaining relatively stable for the previous three years.

3. Carbon Pricing: Many countries have implemented policies to put a price on carbon, which can incentivize companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. According to the World Bank, over 60 carbon pricing initiatives have been implemented or are in development around the world.

4. Increased Public Awareness: The Paris Agreement has helped to raise public awareness of the dangers of climate change and the need for action. This has led to increased public pressure on governments and businesses to take action on climate change.

Despite these positive steps, there is still a long way to go to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted progress on climate action, with many countries redirecting resources towards pandemic response efforts. However, the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of taking action to address global challenges, including climate change.

Looking ahead, Paris Agreement countries will need to continue to work together to increase renewable energy deployment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and raise public awareness of the urgent need for action on climate change. With continued effort and cooperation, we can work towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.